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Friday, August 12, 2005

LOJN-LoJack Corp

LOJN--GAPPED Up after earings recently...look for the run and party to keep on going! Nothing to stop stock to at least $30-%50 move from todays prices! Solid earnings and revenue growth

Mutuals Funds have been buying more then selling

Buyers 36 2,967,916
Sellers 34 -2,632,307

Small float only 17M shares outstanding

Short Interest is pretty low-neither begative or positive
July 2005

Shares Short Days to Cover
LOJN LoJack Corporation - Common Stock 413,803 1.78

Id be a buyer here, with a stop under $19.00 where it broke out from. Risk reward pretty good! downsize less then %10 upside %50+--IMHO GL

DISCLOSURE-No position in LOJN


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