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Thursday, August 25, 2005


OK well that was a quick %100 RUN FOR PKS!
Lets HOLD here and see if we can squeeze a little more out of PKS! Todays news regarding auction & news last week of Redskins owner taking %10 stake places a strong bottom under us at $6.50, I figure next stop after we take out my orginal target of $8 might be a sale price around $10 GL

BST OF LUCK and no need to thank me for this %100 Gain, thanks me on the next one!

Monday, August 15, 2005

AAPL--Back on Board

Well, maybe we jumped Ship to Soon! But after gaining over %200 for most BLOG READERS last year, it was time to lock in some gains and use our well deserved CASH ELSEWHERE! We Still have the open call on MRVL to double from its $30 level when we mentioned it last but now with AAPL actually consolidating and holding its Double Bagger from last year, it looks ready to run some more. Look to add around $44 if you can wait and our patient, but we figure AAPL has its eyes set on yet another big run from its take off the last few days from the low 40's

SINCE ALOT OF THE BLOGS OLD POSTS WERE LOST in the MOVE--HERE WAS THE LAST OPEN BUY LIST! For JULY 2005 and June 2005....I would consider most still a buy-with the exception of CHTR, FRGO, and possible CPST since its a bit extended and Ive been considering calling a SELL SIGN for BLOG READERS since our call over the years at $1 (For those new that is their CASH VALUE basically-It made for a great trade on more then one occasion)





Friday, August 12, 2005

LOJN-LoJack Corp

LOJN--GAPPED Up after earings recently...look for the run and party to keep on going! Nothing to stop stock to at least $30-%50 move from todays prices! Solid earnings and revenue growth

Mutuals Funds have been buying more then selling

Buyers 36 2,967,916
Sellers 34 -2,632,307

Small float only 17M shares outstanding

Short Interest is pretty low-neither begative or positive
July 2005

Shares Short Days to Cover
LOJN LoJack Corporation - Common Stock 413,803 1.78

Id be a buyer here, with a stop under $19.00 where it broke out from. Risk reward pretty good! downsize less then %10 upside %50+--IMHO GL

DISCLOSURE-No position in LOJN

Thursday, August 11, 2005

PLXS- Plexus Corp-Another Top Pick

PLXS- Plexus Corp-Another Top Pick...

Looks like this stock is set up to move even Higher!

Market Cap of Just 631M with Sale over 1.18B! Makes it undervalued on the Sale Side!

Institutions and Mutual Funds Big NET BUYERS LATELY
Buyers 80 9,116,437
Sellers 61 -5,634,654

Month ShortInterest %Change Avg Daily Vol Days toCover
July 2005 3,384,240 (10.84) 337,279 10.03
June 2005 3,795,776 (4.20) 229,730 16.52
May 2005 3,962,031 16.96 431,344 9.19
April 2005 3,387,620 26.36 366,543 9.24
March 2005 2,680,990 18.86 414,106 6.47
February 2005 2,255,643 5.90 407,853 5.53
January 2005 2,130,052 (19.75) 488,621 4.36
December 2004 2,654,418 (19.71) 392,523 6.76
November 2004 3,306,226 (9.24) 420,927 7.85
October 2004 3,642,893 (7.31) 427,819 8.52
September 2004 3,930,129 (6.93) 447,790 8.78
August 2004 4,222,608 44.57 647,396 6.52

Id buy with ANY BREAKOUT OVER $15 on strong Volume! If $$15 breaks with Volume to back it up $22 is teh next TARGET!

August 2005-Picks

PKS-Six Flags

Target for PKS $8.oo -Which is where it last topped, once near we might reconsider! But PKS is massively undervalued when you considered what WS isnt! Its real estate assests! Check it out and let me know what you think

WEX-Winland Electronics

Sales of over 27M and growing at a nice clip! Where as market cap is just 23M! Not much coverage from WS brokers so get in before the herd! Target $12

RECN-Resource Connections

Massive Sales and Earnings Growth--Target $55

Others on Watch List
CIB Bancolombia S.A. (ADR) $23.07
CTGI Capital Title Group, Inc. $7.38
ENG ENGlobal Corporation $8.44
ERS Empire Resources, Inc. $12.75
GEOI GeoResources, Inc. $15.05
GMXR GMX Resources Inc. $21.51
HOM Home Solutions of America, Inc. $2.35
LIFC LifeCell Corporation $21.53
LMS The Lamson & Sessions Co. $15.60
MRGE Merge Technologies Inc. $19.12
NGS Natural Gas Services Group, Inc $16.34
PETS PetMed Express, Inc. $10.35
RADS Radiant Systems, Inc. $12.08
REXI Resource America, Inc. $19.00
STV Sterling Construction Co, Inc. $16.78
TGA TransGlobe Energy Co (USA) $6.49
TGE TGC Industries, Inc. $10.90
TWGP Tower Group, Inc. $16.25

Last Years Winners

AAPL--Bought in at $17 out at $44
WFMI--Bought in at $33 sold at $120
VRST-Bought at $7 and bought out at $12.50 a share CASH
CPST==bpught at $1.10 now over $3

Check back for more Picks here that hopefulyl will give us some of the same gains!